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Web Development and Redesigning

It is most difficult to keep up with the technologies

Website design styles become outdated. Popular website add-ons are too many polls, news, forums, online orders, site searches, product catalogs No time to support the site and update its contents. So many questions without answers: what is SEO? Is it expensive to keep a good website? What should I do?

FSL makes it possible to maintain an up-to-date website without spending a fortune!

FSL have Designed and Developed several websites and portals for clients from different countries. Our Website designing service includes defining the site, developing the site structure, visual design and testing, production and Q&A, testing for usability and analyzing your competition.

FSL Website redesigning solution includes effective navigation, visual appeal, updated information, multi-platform compatibility, a professional presence and an interactive site.

This proven experience at FSL makes the difference in the way the business is conducted with the clients and business associates.

FSL provide the following services:

Website Design and Development:

  • Developing an effective graphic design
  • Are Flash animations desirable?
  • Structuring the site content and navigation in a logical manner
  • Developing a web site that grows with your business and is easy to maintain
  • Optimize download time
  • Testing site to ensure high quality.

Website Redesigning

  • Give a professional, fresh and active look to the website
  • Make the web pages appealing to clients target audience
  • Improve and provide effective navigation within the site
  • Build multi-platform compatibility
  • Keep the website updated and eliminate old and obsolete information
  • Improve the interactivity of clients website
  • Improve the loading time of clients site
For FSL every business is unique and so is every website!
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