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Third Party Tools Integration

Quick book is a small business financial software that helps clients with their business finances quickly, easily and accurately, with familiar forms and language you can understand. FSL has got experience in integrating quick books software and can help clients integrate quick books to their site.

Some important features are

  • Save time on everyday tasks.:- With QuickBooks, clients can work more quickly than ever on tasks ranging from invoicing and receiving payments, to paying bills, managing payroll and more.
  • It's Easy to Learn and Use:- QuickBooks accounting software has everything you need to get up and running quickly. Clients will start their everyday tasks from the main Home Page . From there, clients can pay bills, record deposits, track expenses and more, with just one click. But some people are worried that switching to QuickBooks accounting software would be hard. In order to make this convenient to use, quick books provides additional help and resources when clients need it. Clients have quick book customer support, business consulting, certified quick books expert and tools & resources to help your business grow.


Web analytics is the foundation for effective online business and marketing decisions. This is achieved by Omniture through accurate real time measurement, analysis, and monitoring of a site’s key performance indicators.

Omniture helps Increase sales, customers, orders, leads, traffic, Increase cost efficiency and build the brand. FSL has the experience to integrate the required tags in the clients website so that Omniture can track these tags and help the client Increase sales, Increase cost efficiency and build the brand.

Omniture Online Business provides the customers with the following features:

  • Apply themes to business
  • Sharing revenues effectively between the resources
  • Sophisticated analytic metrics and reporting tools for customer
  • Dashboard interface to show the report to everyone.
  • Executive and marketing dashboard separately to deliver the information quickly so that they can make an decision based on the report.
  • Customer to see the campaign performance.
  • Helping the customer in tracking the complete data history for auditing and data recovery.
  • Customer can compare the analyzed data, modify it and compare it with different visitor segment.
  • Customers can extract a list of unique visitor’s id for remarketing purpose.
  • Feature to show which page is most popular in the website and also how much each page is contributing to the revenue.
  • Feature showing how a certain page is contributing to company goals.
  • Feature showing the customer the details as to which page the users are abandoning the site and also the measuring the fall out rate.
In short the Omniture Online Business provides customers with the ability to collect, integrate, analyze, and automate the reporting and distribution of multi-channel business information and processes.
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