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Subsidiary Solutions

A substantial and proven track record in assisting businesses to flourish by supporting marketing functions like market research, advertisements, IP advice, joint ventures.Frontlinesoft (now known as Fsl Projects Limited) can provide tenants with ready access to a wide range of added value services.

Frontlinesoft (now known as Fsl Projects Limited) offers a full range of services for offshore subsidiary creation and management that helps organizations establish, build, staff, and run a successful offshore subsidiary in India. In other words we provide complete building services to companies establishing their branches in India, whether providing infrastructure or staff, we can furnish you with all the needs that arise in the instigation of your new office.

Under our subsidiary solutions, we facilitate the accelerated development of startups in the shortest possible time and in the most cost effective manner. Some of the services we can offer are

  • To assist in identifying real estate agents for their infrastructure needs
  • To assist in putting them on to development centers who provide in sourcing facilities
  • To assist in identifying architects, interior decorators, manpower agents etc
  • To assist in identifying legal counsels
  • To negotiate prices with various Vendors
  • To assist in appointing statutory/internal auditors
  • Customize solutions to suit the specific needs of the client

We help you to identify the most suitable space for your firm and will help you in this start-up phase to start operations at reduced Capital and Recurring Costs to leap forward and build your capability. We take keen interest in managing your further growth including acquisition of new businesses after you have established the Proof of concept.

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