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Quality Assurance

The success of any project is identified from the quality and consistency of its output. And it takes great effort to deliver the highest quality standards. Therefore FSL endeavors to achieve and maintain the best standards of quality in every venture that we carry out.

FSL chief objective is the swift delivery of state-of-the-art mission-critical business services. FSL's highly skilled and professional delivery team adheres to the most stringent quality norms while delivering a complete most excellent IT solution.

FSL delivers optimal solutions that add value to your organization and increases return on investment while requiring minimal support, maintenance and attention. FSL ensures that there is continuous monitoring of processes and thereby evolving newer techniques of Process improvement and Quality Assurance by maintaining an independent Quality Management Group.

Quality Assurance is the outer most layer of FSL Methodology and Process that depicts the function of auditing the project, at the end of each phase of the Project Life Cycle, for process compliance. FSL's Quality Assurance Group facilitates all the quality assurance activities carried out in the project and ensures all aspects of QA - QA Reviews, testing, final release audits, UATs and QA audits.

FSL's Extensive and in-depth experience in software development, maintenance, enhancement and migration assignments sets us apart from the competitors. FSL's approach includes application of tried and tested methodologies, strict adherence to established industry standards and incorporating best practices in the project management capabilities thereby ensuring sustainable quality.

FSL's quality methodology allows us to achieve prompt, reliable and quality results in all the undertakings. FSL's comprehensive and structured methodology is applied to all its internal and external customer-oriented business processes, thus FSL ensures that its customers are provided solutions and services of extremely high quality.

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