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FSL has defined structured Process and Methodology as an essential part of its delivery process. FSL uses the best industry practices and our architecture group and project teams work together to evolve methodologies for technology areas. FSL encompass strong process management orientation at each of our delivery centers. The subsistence of a well constituted, delivery engine so as to ensure that FSL carefully understands the expectations and specifications in detail and confirm the requirements at the beginning of each project. Progress is carefully and continually monitored against agreed milestones. FSL understands that excellence in process is the only route to customer satisfaction and delight.

FSL is aware of the fact that two things are very crucial for successful web application development projects. First, iterative processes used to develop and manage projects and second, multiple forms of prototyping used to learn rapidly and reduce mistakes and misinterpretations.

FSL responds to complex business challenges with consistent and proven methodologies. FSL starts by understanding your organization and your needs and then apply established benchmarks and best practices to help you move ahead.
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