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Legacy Migration

Frontlinesoft (now known as FSL Projects Limited) is an industry expert with rock solid expertise and experience in legacy systems migration. With our extensive knowledge of various IT avenues including IT security, we deliver smoother technology migrations and foresee and prevent potential problems in the migrated environment.

Following are benefits of the services we offer
  • Migration from a legacy system to a modern management solution, structurizing and enhancing your business cycle.
  • Specialized solutions in migrating data from SQL to Oracle and language migration from Perl / CGI, ASP to PHP, ASP. Net, JSP.
  • Analytical Approach to check functional interdependencies and enable migration from a legacy system.
  • Re-engineering and restructuring business flow providing enhanced solution using latest technologies for seamless legacy code migration.
  • Convert or upgrade platform, language without affecting the business logic hence eliminating any discrepancy.
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