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ERP Web Application

In this era of gaining competitive business edge, the basic principles of economics remain constant while the web application keeps accelerating with newer developments, which affects how we conduct the day-to-day processes of doing business.

While buying and selling roles are changing, e-commerce is still commerce. The change that is most evident is the dynamics of business relationships including the competition.

The benefits are too numerous to ignore when working jointly with customers, suppliers, and other business associates and hence the need for ERP.

This complete ecommerce solution is designed to offer:

Enterprise Resource Planning is a generic term defining a set of activities leveraged by multi-module application software that helps manage business processes and functions. ERP also includes application modules for the finance and human resources aspects of a business. Typically, an ERP system uses or is integrated with a relational database system at the back end. FSL provides solutions that integrate ERP into web applications.

As far as ERP relates, Web based solutions and services offer an additional edge i.e. ease of integration and reduction in costs through the hosted application model.

The enterprise may still require an ERP application for its internal systems to function efficiently together. FSL Project's Web Services allow the enterprise to acquire the information needed to respond effectively, even in situations where tightly coupled application design isn't necessary.

Major enterprise application software solution providers have already marked their existence in the Web Services architecture. Oracle, SAP, and PeopleSoft are the frontbench members on this aspect, with many of them already having accelerated to the Web Services way of life. SAP and PeopleSoft use Web Services and solutions to help facilitate application integration. FSL helps client implement these ERP web services for gaining a business edge over their competitors.

FSL solutions are guaranteed for affordability, features and functionality.

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