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Your Ecommerce business solution powered by FLS

E-Commerce is nothing but exchange of goods and services for money, being conducted via electronic medium like the Internet. Customers opt for online stores because they can be more convenient than brick and mortar stores. However, one of the biggest challenges of conducting an online business is making sure that the customers trust clients website. To be a successful online store, clients need to instill trust in your customers. Your online business needs to provide a strong framework for trust and be able to engender trust amongst its users. Trust and loyalty is promoted through the use of a secure payment system. However, in order to create a secure payment system, you first have to convert your business into a site where e-commerce can take place and where the customers can purchase the client products and/or services with ease. This is where FSL reliable ecommerce solutions come into picture.

Online Shopping

FSL’s online shopping solution offers you a simple time saving "one-stop solution" that effortlessly integrates all of your e-commerce and marketing tools into a single easy use "all-in-one" online solution.

Out customers are able to launch a new online business in the shortest possible time including affiliate program, e-mail follow-up, autoresponders, shopping cart and everything else needed to be profitable when you put your business on-line.

Your shopping cart takes credit card orders online 24/7, and can even make upsell offers to your customers for other products you sell -- automatically.

FSL’s solutions are designed to provide you with a single-source solution for your complete ecommerce needs, all-in-one solution. What differentiates FSL’s solutions from other systems is that everything you need is already integrated in one complete ecommerce solution for you Goods and services are available to your subscribers 24 hours a day without complex and expensive software and without hassle.

  • Full featured shipping calculation in real-time and shipping-module integration for advanced shipping configuration or custom shipping methods
  • Enhanced shopping cart features for shopping conveniences to improve customer satisfaction
  • Robust management tools for high levels of customization
  • Automated and fully customizable email confirmation of sales
  • Tax calculation configuration regions, states, or zip codes
  • Customer accounts with session tracking, reporting and can be exported

Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart solution provided by FSL is a hassle-free, affordable, top-quality solution that is sensibly designed and easy to deploy. It offers powerful management features for all aspects of custom shipping calculation and advanced tax features.

This complete ecommerce solution is designed to offer:

  • Existing online businesses the ecommerce services that they need, to add ecommerce functionality to their existing website without being expensive or time-consuming, and
  • New online businesses a complete and hassle-free ecommerce solution (that is everything you need to start selling online), quickly and without hassle.

Payment Gateway Integration

Adding ecommerce functionality to your website is now easier and more affordable than ever before, using FSL’s ecommerce solutions. Whether you are selling subscription, membership, shippable goods, downloadable digital goods, or online services, we have put together sensible and hassle-free ecommerce solutions that make your life a little easier.

FSL’s e-commerce solutions are fully compatible for integration and offers scalable configuration for recurring billing intervals, billing cycles, and reporting.

Our online payment system can now be quickly and easily integrated with your website and turn it into a professional-looking, secure, and reliable ecommerce storefront that includes: secure online credit card processing, payment gateway, Internet merchant account, and ecommerce shopping cart software, and more. Our solutions are guaranteed for affordability, features and functionality.

PayPal Integration

E-Commerce applications require mechanisms for payment. Although more commonly than not e-Commerce sites will use full credit card processing gateways, giving PayPal as an additional option of payment provides additional payment options for your customers, especially those that don’t want to pay by credit card over the Internet. If you run a Web shop that uses direct credit card processing and want to integrate PayPal seamlessly, you’ll find that using PayPal as a processing service is not as straight forward as using a payment gateway. FSL’s e-commerce solution provides seamless integration of PayPal with your website

OS Commerce

osCommerce is the leading Open Source online shop e-commerce solution that is available for free under the GNU General Public License. It features a rich set of out-of-the-box online shopping cart functionality that allows store owners to setup, run, and maintain their online stores with minimum effort and with no costs, license fees, or limitations involved. The goal of the osCommerce project is to continually evolve by attracting a community that supports the ongoing development of the project at its core level and extensively through contributions to provide additional functionality to the already existing rich feature set.

The services provided on the network of osCommerce support sites are continually improved to match the growing community the project has attracted in its 5 years of operation. Today, this community consists of over 62,000 store owners, developers, designers, and enthusiasts, and over 2,700 community made contributions that help make the project succeed.

osCommerce utilizes Open Source solutions to provide a free and open e-commerce platform, which includes the powerful PHP web scripting language, the stable Apache web server, and the fast MySQL database server. With no special requirements, osCommerce is able to run on any PHP 4.1+ enabled web server running on Linux, Solaris, BSD, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows environments.

FSL uses this open source online e-commerce solution to provide you with the best possible result.


FLS Project's content management services provide powerful features, such as user administration, workflow configuration, and template management through our administrative interface for non-technical users to control.

Our CMS will automate and systemize your content publishing to ensure that all content is checked and signed off before site updating. Using our CMS you can reduce maintenance costs and avoid mishaps during site updating. Our Content Management Services enables your entire enterprise to create, capture, customize, manage and share important information. We help you manage business processes and content in any format, including scanned images, electronic documents, legacy data, audio or video.

Your site content management system can handle media files, documents, online content, customized data and product catalogues. It allows you to create and edit content easily. Your site CMS can include an on-line text editor, multilingual possibilities, role based permissions, PDF generation, indexing and other features.

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