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Delivery Capabilities


Driven with the objective to ensure world-class delivery on all engagements FSL believes that 'people' are its best assets. FSL reputation in the market draws the best professionals, whom FSL trains, and reward to build a strong and rich resource pool to ensure delivery of world-class solutions and service.

FSL brings together the best management and technical professionals with balanced skill sets, expertise, qualification and experience. FSL have a balanced mix of executives that have vast experience in leading and managing successful companies, providing strategic vision and creating value.

Having access to a vast pool of technical talent in India has enabled us to bring together a world-class team of technologists with specialized skills in project management, design, development, documentation and quality assurance FSL professionals that collectively classify the FSL team come from diversified backgrounds, yet share similar traits that are essential to build a strong bond amongst them and thus support growth and success. FSL team possess deep knowledge of their chosen fields, strategic vision, and complete dedication to the company's core mission.

The traditional principle of FSL is that a job is nothing but the exploration of boundaries and beyond. FSL stretch beyond limits of what was thought possible to reach for the most effective and best-fit solution to suit our clients.

FSL believes that a strong culture that safeguards the core and encourages progress is one of the most important attributes of a successful company. FSL culture is one that encourages associates to build the organization in specific, concrete ways. FSL provide a casual ambiance allowing the employees to have clients share of liberty and comfort.


FSL offer high quality seamless service using state-of-the-art technology and specialized infrastructure tools to support activities like workflow, forecasting, reporting and monitoring. FSL facilities are fully secure and networked as flat single tier work floors with a capacity of 50 seats..

The facility has necessary power back-up and telecommunication links to provide uninterrupted service and FSL is also in a position to cerate unique technology environments as required by FSL clients.

FSL state-of-the-art infrastructure includes:

Dedicated Fiber Optic connectivity to the Internet
Huge/extended power backup ups
Data handling/recovery center facility like tape drive
External Hard Drive up to 500 GB
Uninterrupted Operation - Power generator back up
Redundant Inventory maintained for critical equipments
24*7 Support and Escalation Mechanism in place to provide for continuous delivery
State-of-the-art tools - Workflow tools, forecasting tools, reporting and monitoring tools
LAN/WAN/Data Connectivity and Voice Connectivity - With build in diversity to reduce risk of failure
Fail safe Secure Operating Environment - Firewall Protected environment and virtual LAN architecture for various processes
Process & Methodology

FSL has defined structured Process and Methodology as an essential part of its delivery process. FSL uses the best industry practices and FSL architecture group and project teams work together to evolve methodologies for technology areas. We encompass strong process management orientation at each of delivery centers. The subsistence of a well constituted, delivery engine so as to ensure that we carefully understand the expectations and specifications in detail and confirm the requirements at the beginning of each project. Progress is carefully and continuously monitored against agreed milestones. FSL understand that excellence in process is the only route to customer satisfaction and delight.

FSL are aware of the fact that two things are very crucial for successful web application development projects. First, iterative processes used to develop and manage projects and second, multiple forms of prototyping used to learn rapidly and reduce mistakes and misinterpretations.

FSL responds to your complex business challenges with consistent and proven methodologies. FSL starts by understanding clients organization, needs and then apply established benchmarks and best practices to help clients move ahead


The success of any project is identified from the quality and consistency of its output. And it takes great effort to deliver the highest quality standards. Therefore FSL endeavor to achieve and maintain the best standards of quality in every venture that we carry out.

FSL's chief objective is the swift delivery of state-of-the-art mission-critical business services. FSL's highly skilled and professional delivery team adheres to the most stringent quality norms while delivering a complete most excellent IT solution.

FSL delivers optimal solutions that add value to any organization and increases return on investment while requiring minimal support, maintenance and attention. FSL ensure that there is continuous monitoring of processes and thereby evolving newer techniques of Process improvement and Quality Assurance by maintaining an independent Quality Management Group.

Quality Assurance is the outer most layers of FSL Methodology and Process that depicts the function of auditing the project, at the end of each phase of the Project Life Cycle, for process compliance. FSL Quality Assurance Group facilitates all the quality assurance activities carried out in the project and ensures all aspects of QA – QA Reviews, testing, final release audits, UATs and QA audits.

FSL's Extensive and in-depth experience in software development, maintenance, enhancement and migration assignments sets us apart from competitors. FSL approach includes application of tried and tested methodologies, strict adherence to established industry standards and incorporating best practices in FSL project management capabilities thereby ensuring sustainable quality.

FSL's quality methodology allows us to achieve prompt, reliable and quality results in all the undertakings. FSL comprehensive and structured methodology is applied to all its internal and external customer-oriented business processes, thus to ensure that the customers are provided with the solutions and services of extremely high quality.

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