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Dedicated Developers

Reduce your Development cost by 60% without Outsourcing

Outsourcing Issues:

Offshore outsourcing has been popular for several years. India is one of the most popular offshore outsourcing destinations, which offers high quality and cost effective solutions. The difference lies in the scalability of major Indian vendors, their strong focus on quality and their experience delivering a wide range of services. The major disadvantages of outsourcing are:

  • Lack of Clear and timely Communication
  • Control of project Planning
  • Lack of interaction with the development team
  • Difficult to guide own project
  • Data Security
  • Ownership of Source Code
Dedicated Developers Team

FSL will provide clients with the necessary infrastructure and manpower on a dedicated basis where in the staff work for clients, under FSL supervision. The client will have to bear no additional costs to benefit from the outsourcing boom and will have no Hassles to set up an Office, Infrastructure, Employing HR, necessary Government Approvals, etc.

FSL has the complete Infrastructure in place which you could make use of without wasting any time or additional cost. FSL employ programmers on payroll and take a fixed amount per month from FSL clients for services. In this way the client has no need to invest or risk even a single '$' towards set up of Infrastructure, etc, and at the same time can benefit equally from the Outsourcing Boom by cutting costs.

Delivery Process:

FSL would like to work as an Offshore development center for clients on Fixed Personnel Basis i.e.

  • FSL will send the resumes of the development team to match clients requirements.
  • Client will then select the candidates for a telephonic interview out of the resume pool for the telephonic interview.
  • The team shall consist of 3 Developer, they posses the following number of years expertise:
    • A) Team Leader 3 + years of experience
    • B) Middle Developer 2 + years of experience
    • C) Junior Developer 1 + years of experience
  • The client has the liberty to select the candidates on merit.
  • The developers will either work directly using the VPN (Virtual Private Network) software or they will work on FSL client-server (Beta Server). FSL will provide clients with the FTP access rights to monitor the day-to-day development.
  • The developers will be available on chat ID’s and e-mail at client working hours i.e., time convenient to you.
  • There shall not be any set up fee.
  • 3 PHP Engineer’s for only US $ 2900 per month.
  • 3 .Net Engineer’s for only US $ 4500 per month.

( With minimum 3 months agreement )

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