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Database Conversion

Enterprises migrate their applications and data from other databases to and from Oracle to take advantage of its proven performance and unmatched features.

FSL complete range of database migration tools for Oracle and MySQL helps customers to migrate business environment to and from Oracle without tedious manual migration effort.

FSL provide migration software and services for Oracle and MySQL among and other databases. FSL conversion solutions allow you to easily migrate data, schema, stored procedures, triggers and other objects between multiple databases.

FSL data migration solutions assist customers in migrating their business environment to and from Oracle and instantly leverage benefits through:

  • Stored Procedure Migration Tools that completely automate stored procedure migration from SQL Server Transact-SQL to Oracle PL/SQL.
  • SQL Migration Tool completely migrates SQL statements from MS SQL Server, to Oracle SQL statements
  • Data Migration Tool completely migrates schema and data from wide range of databases to and from Oracle.
FSL conversion solutions have the following key advantages:
  • Rapid data migration ensuring data integrity with no loss of data.
  • Supports migration of schema and data across Oracle and MySQL databases.
  • Migrates tables, indexes, constraints along with data.
  • Migrate procedures, functions, triggers across higher and lower database versions.
  • Identify dependencies between master and child tables and orders tables with primary key and foreign key.
  • Backup tables in target database.
  • Configurable options to choose the migration of tables, indexes, view and data.
  • User friendly and Intuitive GUI.
  • Provision to choose any database combination for migration.
  • Detailed and summary migration reports.
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