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Today apart from operational efficiency and cost reduction, your relations with your customers play an important role in the turnover and success of your business. You need a robust customer relations model that can give you a holistic picture of your customers' needs, their history and tendency, present subscriptions and all your connections with them.

Frontlinesoft (now known as Fsl Projects Limited) CRM solutions is tailored to cater to all the above and give you a customer centric business model that enables you to decisively observe, investigate and operate on related data. Our CRM solutions induce transparency and operational visibility into your business model.

With our CRM software, you can not only automate common tasks and monitor crucial issues, but also can be sure of the best integration of all aspects of your customer life cycle; from exploring new avenues to retaining old ones. You can also effectively manage leads that drive successful, profitable and long term customer relationships

Our CRM software is all-inclusive and takes into account every aspect across all your departments with overall integration. It brings all customer intelligence in the enterprise onto a common platform. And gives you the ability to address, accomplish and realize all strategies into instant ROI.

Our CRM software covers sales force automation, customer service and marketing automation. This will help you reach out to the largest pool of customers and market yourself proactively using the features we can equip you with. Some of the operative features include:

  • Facilities for effective campaigning.
  • Quick filters and automated mail attachments.
  • Leads monitoring.
  • User-friendly tracking of leads and recent interactions.
  • Comprehensive views.
  • Built in database.
  • Facility for security and data integrity.
  • Ability to deal with B2B and B2C functions.
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