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Business Process Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the contracting of a specific business task, such as payroll, to a third-party service provider. Usually, BPO is implemented as a cost-saving measure for tasks that a company requires but does not depend upon to maintain its position in the marketplace. BPO is often divided into two categories: back office outsourcing, which includes internal business functions such as billing or purchasing, and front office outsourcing, which includes customer-related services such as marketing or tech support. BPO that is contracted outside a company's own country is sometimes called offshore outsourcing. BPO that is contracted to a company's neighboringcountry is sometimes called nearshore outsourcing, and BPO that is contracted within the company's own country is sometimes called onshore outsourcing. The most common examples of BPO are call centers, human resources, accounting and payroll outsourcing.

Use of a BPO as opposed to an application service provider (ASP) usually also means that a certain amount of risk is transferred to the company that is running the process elements on behalf of the outsourcer. BPO includes the software, the process management, and the people to operate the service, while a typical ASP model includes only the provision of access to functionalities and features provided or 'served up' through the use of software, usually via web browser to the customer. BPO is a part of the outsourcing industry. It is dependent on information technology, hence it is also referred to as information technology enabled services or ITES. Knowledge process outsourcing and legal process outsourcing are some of the subsets of business process outsourcing.

Non-Voice BPO Services at Industries, Best and Competitive Price.

BPO services compliment the domain in which we provide technical services. The emphasis is on providing non-voice BPO services. Under the non-voice services we have niche expertise in the following areas:


  • Financial Data Analysis . e-Accounting . Tax Returns Filling . Check Processing . Payroll processing


  • Legal Document Processing . Document Scanning . Document Conversion . Document Indexing . Data Entry . Back Office Record Management


  • Bio Medical . Forensic . Architectural . Product Concept . Character Modeling . Title Animation


  • Website Content Development . Editing and Proof Reading . Feature Writing and Editing . Technical Writing and Editing . Newsletter Writing . Drafting Press Releases
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